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‘If you deny a people their identity…’

Famous last words from Rain Bear Stands Last

If you haven’t checked out the latest Substack on Pretendian Country Today, you’re missing out on quite the tale, as Rain Bear Stands Last and his wife Sara Atiqtalik (these names are inventions, btw) just might be the first Pretendian figures to have originated from the United Kingdom.

They also appear to be the first Pretendian characters whose grift was aided and abetted by the U.S. government! We’re calling it the Pretendian Witness Protection Program (tm).

Sadly, though, Rain’s tactics, along with those of his wife, are the same as Pretendians who are born and bred on Turtle Island. Expect trauma-dumping, guilt-tripping and plenty of applications for COVID-19 relief as Pretendian Country Today spills the tea on this British couple in an ongoing series.

Still, few in the Pretendian game have leveled up as strongly as Rain, who managed to convince Dr. Phil and his television program that he is a “tribal filmmaker” and a “Roma tribal member.” Quite the feat — duping one of Oprah Winfrey’s protégés.

But all Pretendian figures tell on themselves in one fashion or another. And Rain did the same when Dr. Phil asked why no one seems to care when actual American Indian and Alaska Native people go missing and murdered.

“If you deny a people their identity,” Rain told Dr. Phil, “they become invisible.”

Clips from the Dr. Phil episode titled “Missing and Murdered in Montana” below.

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